Time to Restore Our Utility Poultry (T.R.O.U.P.) in the U.K.
Poultry Genetics
The problems and interesting facts about breeding poultry
  • Egg Production

  • is determined by the genetics of the parents and influenced by the environment in which the hen is kept

    The genes involved are unlikely to be in a simple relationship but some basic principles can be seen. In old papers there is some evidence that the small egg is dominant - which means we have to work harder to keep good size in a flock and prevent degernation of a line.

    It is known that the size is sex linked - i.e. that the father is the most important determinant for the colour of the eggs in the next generation.

    Therefore your cockerel/ drake is the most important bird in controlling and improving your egg size. Choose your breeding male from the best egg from your best layer or - if you are missing qualities spend time finding a good stock cockerel from another line to improve your stock.

    The other very important factor is yourself - you chose the eggs that are hatched - you control the quality of the next generation.
  • only hatch eggs that are of a good size for the breed
  • never hatch eggs that are the wrong colour for the breed
  • if you have eggs that are not correct replace the breeding male with one hatched from the correct size and colour
  • don't be too quick to hatch eggs from pullets - they will be small so not provide the best for the growing chicks. It is also vital to make sure that all the girls are producing eggs consistantly that are correct for the breed. If you start ahcthing from small eggs you do not know whether that hen will continue to lay small eggs. If so you have reduce the quality of your breedline.

  • Every time you hatch (or if using broody hens allow to be hatched) chicks / ducklings that are from eggs that are not right for the breed - come from hens that are not productive - etc you are playing a part in the demise of utility strains in this country. The future of utility poultry lies in all our hands - every one of us

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