Time to Restore our Utility Poultry (T.R.O.U.P.) in the U.K.
Scots Dumpy
Use : Dual purpose - good layers with a significant carcass
Egg numbers to be expected : can be up to 180 but usually less these days
Egg colour : white (mostly)
Known utility strains : this is a rare breed with much work to be done
Weight : used to be up to 7lb for males and 6lb for females but less nowadays
Skin colour : white
Pin feathers :
Broodiness : those that go broody make very good mothers
Origin :Although the exact origins of the breed are unclear, from archeological findings in York and tales of the Scots being warned of attack by crowing, birds with similar characteristics (short legs) were reportedly present in Britain from around 300 AD.

The Creeper gene is a lethal gene which makes the breeding of Scots Dumpies fraught with difficulty

Heterozygous Cpcp chickens express a condition called creeper in which the leg and wing bones are shorter than normal.

If two creepers are mated, then 2/3 of the living progeny will be creepers.

cpcp individuals have a longer length leg and wing bones.

The dominant Cp allele is lethal in the homozygous state CpCp. .


Short legs X short legs

Short legs X long legs


Short X Short Map

Short X Long Map


CpCp = Dead in shell (25%)
Cpcp/cpCP = Short legs (50%)
cpcp = Long legs (25%)

cpCp = Short legs (50%)
cpcp = Long legs (50%)

However it has become obvious to some breeders that things are not this simple - as intermediates and super legs appear - whether this is because of the crossing that some breeders have done with other breeds to get more vigour and reduce the effect of the lethal gene or whether this gene is linked to other ones which modify things is not yet clear.

If you have any experience of these genes please let us know

Furthermore, although there are no actual records to show this, long-legged females seem to lay more eggs than those with short legs, and are often bigger birds overall (ie notwithstanding the long legs). This is probably because the Creeper gene stunts growth overall, with the limbs affected more than other parts of the body. If anyone has any specific records of this, we would be delighted to hear about them.

More about Scots Dumpy genetics - including colour and choosing the rigth birds to compliment your existing stock

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  • Landauer, W., 1944, Length of survival of homozygous creeper fowl embryos, Science 100: 553-554. (article)
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