Time to Restore our Utility Poultry (T.R.O.U.P.) in the U.K.
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UTILITY BREEDS: chickens - including old native breeds
MID BROWN EGGS : Rhode Island Red  White Wyandotte   Barred Rock
WHITE EGGS White leghorn   Black / Brown leghorn  Minorca
DARK EGGS marans   welsumer - Partridge /Duckwing  Barnevelder
BLUE EGGS: Araucana   Cream legbar
DUAL PURPOSE Light Sussex   Orpington - Buff /Blue
OLD BREEDS Scots Grey  Scots Dumpy  Dorking

Genetics : Introduction and odds
  Sex Linkage
  Egg production
  Egg Colour
  Blue Feather
  Meat production

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History of Mans interaction with poultry and waterfowl

Laying Trials of yesteryear


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time to restore our utility poultry
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utility breeds of chickens
The breeds of chickens we have here at Kintaline
utility breeds of ducks
The breeds of Domestic Ducks we have here at Kintaline
We are also open to the public and welcome visitors

useful chicken and duck houses broody hen designs
Broody Hen Designs

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